Pre-Launch of the Gold Plating Guild website


With the rapid approach of the busiest time of the year for luxury gifts and gold plating services in the UK, coupled with one of the side effects of Covid-19 being the likelihood that there will be a large move towards sourcing and buying gifts online.

Whilst many will have good placement on search engines, only a limited amount will appear on page 1. With membership of the Gold Plating Guild we can guarantee that any member who does not currently appear on page 1 of Google, they will have the opportunity to do so on request - as well as be featured on the Guild website map and featured members page. 

If you are involved in the provision of Luxury Gold Plated gifts and products as well as electroplating services or electroforming services to industry, retailers or wholesalers then you should be found on what will be the number 1 website in the UK for sourcing providers of these gifts and services.
Below you will find a whole range of reasons as to why membership of the Guild is not just important - it is essential in terms of both getting found on the internet as well as in your own locality.
With most High Streets in the UK devoid of many of these luxury gold plated gifts, buyers have to go online to find them and the Guild is destined to be the number one platform in the UK in the run up to Christmas and the New Year.
As this is in the pre-launch phase, the Gold Plating Guild are offering qualifying businesses and individuals the opportunity to become members of the Guild for a nominal fee - later to increase to a higher level in line with other guilds and trade associations.
At that point members will have the choice to pay their fees monthly or in 1 annual payment, but by then the Guild will have added further benefits to membership as the power of the group grows in the marketplace.


Included in your membership are the following benefits to your business:

  • Members will be highlighted on the Google map page by placing a pin on the map which, when clicked will display their full contact details including a link to their website and/or their Social Media page.
  • Members will be provided with a Gold Plating Guild member logo to display on your website, printed literature, advertising campaigns and any social media websites you use to raise your profile.
  • The Guild also has a Featured Members page that will feature up to 30 members each month which, between now and the end of the year, will be made up of the first 30 members to join the Guild. This page will facilitate each members Name, Logo or selected image, and a link to their website.
  • Members will also have an opportunity to have their own individual page on the Guild website containing a full description of their services and/or products as well as many images and videos with a links to their own website and Social Media sites to further raise their online presence.  This feature is currently available to new members free of charge but will eventually require a fee to be added after the official launch of the Gold Plating Guild website, examples of this can be seen here
  • Members will also be entitled to 1 free published Press Release featuring their business published nationally but with the opportunity of also having that Press Release copied by the Gold Plating Guild to any local media such as newspapers, radio and tv selected by the member. More Press Releases published and distributed to their chosen media destinations will be available on request for a small fee, members will be able to provide the form of those Press releases if they choose to.
Additional Benefit to Members:
The Gold Plating Guild constantly receive direct enquiries from Companies and Individuals asking for a specific service or services, any such enquiries are automatically forward to all members of the Guild who can then make direct contact with those companies if they can service that enquiry.
The official launch of the Gold Plating Guild website will take place at the end of October in time for the Christmas and New Year period, soon to be followed by Valentines Day, Mothers Day and Easter, the perfect period for the promotion and sale of luxury gold plated gifts and presents.
Now is the perfect time to be in position to capitalise on the approaching peak season for high quality gift sales.
New Members Invitation

What to do when you have registered as a Member and paid the fee to have your own page on the Guild website for visitors to see and click to visit your own website or social media site


  • Email your chosen text on a word document and also any Images and Video you want to appear on the page

  • Provide any images of any specific Product or Service that you want to feature that we can link it to that product or service featured in your website shop

  • Also include any social media links you want placed on this page too, details can be amended or added to at anytime free of charge

Please email those details to us here

At the end of October this page will be removed and all visitors will then go straight to the Visitors page explaining exactly what the function of the Gold Plating Guild website is.

Make your business more profitable by raising its profile in your own County and Nationally with this simple and inexpensive platform 

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