Kingdom Luxury Plating

When it comes to the Art of Gold Plating (also known as electroplating). Kingdom Luxury plating is an innovator in the business. Every one of our electroplating finishes is of very high calibre.

At Kingdom Luxury plating our electroplating capacities are far reaching, and incorporate the amplest scope of plating materials, thicknesses, hues accessible for your contraptions, gems, watches, metal rebuilding and resurfacing needs.

Kingdom Luxury plating also provide a drop off and collection service.

 Please ask for more details.

Searching for a quick, solid and top notch electroplating administration? We represent considerable authority in adornments and watches yet additionally gold plate taps, showers, bike and vehicle parts, grants, in actuality basically anything.

We offer; 9-24k gold plating, rose gold, green gold, rhodium, palladium, platinum, silver, nickel, copper and chrome plating.

We can electroplate a wide scope of materials including tempered steel, aluminium, plastic, glass…

Simply need cleaning and cleaning administrations? We give those as well!

Versatile Service

For enormous or fixed things that can’t be moved, we offer a versatile assistance where we can come to you. Plating is a calm and generally clean procedure


10% off all electroplating

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Telephone: 0207 871 3017

2 Freshwater Road, Chatham, Kent, ME5 7SY