Changing Lifestyles

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

Changing Lifestyles

2020 will always be known as the year when 20-20 vision was the most symbolic year since the Millennium in 2000, and it may be centuries before another single year will have such significance again.

With the advent in the growth worldwide of more and more people with disposable income, there has become an increase in the demand of non-standard products and services.

People are looking to make their own statement about who they are, and what they have achieved. For many people worldwide, lifestyles are changing dramatically and for the lucky ones it is a positive change.

For instance, if eating and drinking coffee were simply about going to a MacDonald's for a cheap meal with cola then why is there such a boom in better quality restaurants, wine bars and coffee bars.

In the world of Gold Plating Guild members, who's role is to create luxury gold plated products out of ordinary everyday items, there is a 'common and uninformed' public attitude towards those products as being frivolous.

It is however no more logical that someone who chooses to have the shaft a favourite golf putter instead of the standard stainless steel shaft is more frivolous than someone who chooses to go to a nice restaurant and have fine food and fine wine instead of going to a burger bar for their meal.

Ultimately these choices are normal and commonplace in everyone's lives which can be summed up simply in just 3 words "because I can".

One thing is certainly guaranteed, whoever uses that gold plated golf club or gold plating PS4 controller will never be mistaken as just another golfer or gamer.

So whisper to me "who doesn't put on nice clothes to get noticed"

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