Gold plating non metal items goes to a new level fit for the pantomime season.

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Electroplating is a very simple process used for plating metal items and has established itself across the world with thousands on independent electroplaters offering very standard everyday metal items plated with 24k gold as gifts and presents. In many occasions now these are used in various sales based companies and sales incentives and rewards for achievements.

Most of these gold plated products cannot be found in high street shops and more and more people are finding them attractive and fun. With ever growing budgets for many people worldwide finding something 'out of the norm' appears to suit the modern psyche.

Emphasis now however is going in an even more unusual direction for Gold Solutions with requests from all over the world for unexpected gold plating requests.

The founder of Gold Solutions, Terry George, says "Although we are essentially a supplier of gold plating business kits we have been asked to gold plate items such as flowers, pieces of Lego and other branded figures such as a Pokemon assembly kit figure (apparently called Zekrom) from someone in America.

After seeing one retailer trying to retail a gold plated cigar for over £270, Gold Solutions decided to produce a branded Cigar plated with luxurious 24k gold to retail at under £50 that even to a non-smoker like myself does look amazing and will be a great talking point at Xmas and New Tear this year"

It has always been the aim of most people giving gifts to give both a gift and a memory, and this certainly falls in that category, with the added benefit of not being suitable for smoking and therefore no risk to health.

A new division of the Gold Solutions Group is now mounting a high street marketing programme for real Cigars and real Roses plated with 24k gold to be sold as affordable unique gifts for the upcoming Christmas and New Year period in many high street shops.

In the coming weeks they will also be adding more 'unique' gifts to keep the 'give a gift and a memory' theme going in the high street.

After receiving a request to gold plate a fresh farm egg for a student's project recently, Mr. George is now wondering if the old traditional Mother Goose pantomime should be revived - but this time with an actual Golden Egg, he is just waiting for the call?

In keeping with the busiest time of the year approaching for people looking to start a new business, Gold Solutions have created 4 unique low-cost business packages suitable for start-ups and in time for the Christmas surge of gift buying from the public Click Here

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